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Business in Iran Trade with Iran. See

Business in Iran Trade with Iran

Business in Iran Trade with Iran

Do you want doing business in Iran?

Are you looking for Iran business opportunities?

Do you interested to Iran import export?

We help you with correct answers, and do cooperation with you to reach to your targets.

Business in Iran Trade with Iran.

The Iran deal will have effects for the world economy and could open door to businesses. Iran with 76.5 million (as 2012) has the second largest population in the MENA region. Iran with its $388 billion economy is already a priority market. Now executives from around the world are eyeing Iran for business opportunities.

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Welcome to Cyrus Balarak Enterprises. Thank you for your interest. We are a company in private sector, and active in international business, and also we are in business cooperation with companies and individuals since 1997. We provide business to business services and sourcing products.


  • Commerce; import, export, buy, marketing, sales, representative, purchasing, procurement management, commercial agency, trade shows, exhibitions, business tours, branch office, distribution office, office space, product sample (specially from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, South Korea, Iran, and etc.)…
  • Industry; approvals, factories, manufacturing, production lines, machinery, raw materials, technology transfer…
  • Mines and Minerals; metal and non-metal ores, iron, copper, zinc, gypsum, cement…
  • Projects Cooperation; oil, gas, petrochemical, energy, construction, automotive, food, beverages, telecommunication, transportation,Information technology (IT), pharmaceuticals, medical devices, consumer goods, insurance…
  • Financial Services; venture capital, business fund, investment management, finance, credit, project fund, real estate investment management…
  • Management; business development, business management, joint venture projects, partnership, foreign direct investment (FDI) guide…
  • Company Registration; company formation, license, brand, trademarks, market research, branch registration…
  • Consulting; in above areas…
  • And more…


  • Sourcing any services, products, license, brand, technology, and more from America (especially USA), Europe, Asia, Australia, Japan, China, Korea, UAE, Turkey, Iran…
  • Oil, Gas and Petrochemical; propane, butane, methanol, ethyl alcohol, ethylene glycol monobutyl ether, diethylene glycol, ether alcohol and halogenated derivatives, monoethanolamine, diethanolamine, triethanolamine, poly carbonate, celestite, isopropyl diphenyl base A, diphenylpropane, iodine, noscapine hydrochloride, vaseline, paraffin, iron oxides and hydroxides, polyethylene glycol ethoxylated, styrene butadiene carboxylated, polyethylene, polypropylene, calcium carbonate, bentonite, toluene, phthalic anhydride, naphthalene, benzene, acetic acid, textile grade polypropylene, polyethylene film grade LDPE, industrial oil, motor oil…
  • Minerals; iron ore hematite magnetite, chrome ore, copper ore, zinc ore, concentrates, antimony ore, gypsum, anhydrite, anhydride, feldspar, iron steel scrap waste, aluminum, marble stone, travertine stone, granite stone, alabaster, rubble, cobblestone, sand, sulfur, sulphur, sublimed sulfur, precipitate sulfur, colloidal sulfur, refined lead, slack wax…
  • Food and Beverage; saffron for retail or wholesale, fresh date, dried date, fresh pistachio, dried pistachio, fresh fig, dried fig, tomato, watermelon, apple, onion, shallot, potato, melon, eggplant, fresh grape, dried grape, raisins, carrot, turnip, peach, nectarine, peaches, kiwi, red cabbage, white cabbage, savoy cabbage, kohlrabi, lettuce, cucumber, pickled cucumber, fresh plum, dried plum, prune, cherry, pomegranate , barberry, squash, pumpkin, broccoli, cauliflower, tomato paste, sausage, salami, chicken, rooster meat, tea, sugar, jam, jelly, marmalade, fruit puree, mashed fruit, fruit pulp, juice, concentrated, yogurt, cheese, milk, cream, yogurt beverage, ice cream, frozen snack, milk powder, bread, biscuit, chocolate, drinking water, mineral water, sparkling water, soft drinks, rosewater, sugar and extract Licorice, asafoetida…
  • Construction and Building Materials; natural bitumen, natural asphalt, bitumen, cement, clinker, portland cement, ceramics, bricks, blocks, rebars, pipes, profiles, thin sheets and plates and strip of plastics , pipes and hard hoses tubes polymers of vinyl chloride, iron steel profiles, pave, ropes and cables of polyethylene or polypropylene, cartons or boxes of paper or corrugated cardboard, bottle grade polyethylene terephthalate, carpets, floor covering…
  • Automotive; auto parts, motorcycle tier, car tier, trailer, semitrailer…
  • Consumer Goods; home water coolers, air conditioners, plastic kitchen appliances, melamine dishes, instant electric water heater, kitchen bathroom faucets, tubs, shower fixtures, bathroom accessories, sink, ceramic sanitary ware, baths, basins, taps, spas, bathroom accessories…
  • Hygienic; washing machine detergent powder, hand washing detergent powder, laundry soap, shampoo, soap, hand washing liquid, dish washing liquid…
  • raw hides skins leather of sheep lamb goat bovine, fresh or preserved, wet salted, without wool on, without hair on, pickled, pre-tanned, parchment-dressed, intestine, rumen…

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How we can help you?

  1. Contact.
  2. Ask your questions or your business needs.
  3. Receive answers and solutions.

Why select us?

  • Reliability
  • Transparency
  • Experience
  • Support
  • Reach your goals
  • More…


For more information and to do business in Iran Tehran by using this business opportunity and advantages of our facilities, and also for business cooperation, contact us (in English or in your language).

If there is any mistake in the translation of this text, we apologize. You can send email and help improve this translation.

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Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump in the US Presidential Election 2016 :)

Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump in the US Presidential Election 2016

Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump in the US Presidential Election 2016, they are in competition with each other. There are Challenges, facts, and results in flew. Let have a look around.

Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump in the US Presidential Election 2016. Candidates are in competition in these final days. The Election will still go on, and final vote is unknown yet. Candidates talked and described their point of view about different issues.

Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump

Top issues in search: Immigration, Abortion, Gun control, Economy, Brexit, Foreign Policy, Global Warming, Oil, Refugees, and more.

Top trending questions: Who gets Googled more, Trump or Clinton? Who will win, Trump or Clinton? and more.

Website says:

If the first of the three highly anticipated and most watched debates between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was a boxing match, the umpires would have been hard-placed to declare a clear winner. Indeed, the first round was a testament to verbal sparring and enough below-the-belt rabbit punches were laid by both to call ‘foul’.

In your opinion, Who will win, Trump or Clinton? What will be the effects on the future of US and the world by the winner?

#HillaryClinton   #DonaldTrump   #Election2016   #USElections2016

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Business in Iran Trade with Iran

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news cyrus balarak website launch :)

Cyrus Balarak Website Launch

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Cyrus Balarak Website Launch. Welcome to Cyrus Balarak website. This post is to inform you that we have developed our new website with much better design, faster load time, and easier user experience. Our address, telephone and fax numbers remain the same.

We have enjoyed doing business with you and appreciate your support. We hope you will get acquainted with our new website soon. We have interesting services, products, and updates that will publish as soon as possible.

For more information, click Contact.


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Cyrus Balarak Website Launch.




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